Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is guided by a comprehensive knowledge of the market, a proprietary sourcing model, and a dedication to sticking to what we know best.

We focus on the acquisition of underperforming multifamily assets in the submarkets of Manhattan and Brooklyn that demonstrate the strongest fundamentals. Each investment opportunity must be geographically well located and possess an identifiable value proposition. Generally this means that near-term prospects exist for improving rents and property values through thoughtful redesign and repositioning.

On a portfolio basis, modest leverage is utilized predominately as first mortgage, non-recourse debt that is structured to give us the greatest flexibility, so as not to impede on an asset’s timely exit.

We seek to maximize value through each step of the process, from sourcing to due diligence and underwriting to risk and asset management, which is all controlled in-house. We’ve built a best-in-class team of professionals to give us a competitive advantage.

We’re always looking for new opportunities and challenges. We invite you to contact our acquisition team at