Benchmark Sells 8 Building Portfolio

Jared Kushner has purchased a $53 million portfolio of seven walk-ups in the East Village, West Village and in SoHo from Benchmark and will soon close on an eighth property, which will bring the total to $58 million.

According to Aaron Jungreis, of Rosewood Realty Group, who represented Benchmark, the deal started as the one building, off-market purchase […]

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The Lord’s Work

By Max Gross

Renters generally look at their landlords in two ways. Either as people they’d like to drop in a vat of molten lava, or as people worthy of their unyielding envy.

“Hey,” goes the reasoning, “why can’t I get paid to let someone else live in my property?”

Well, now might be your moment. For $1.8 […]

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